C2C Thanks

Hi All,

Just thought I would put a wee note together to say a few thanks to all those involved in making our C2C ride such a fantastic trip.

To Tom, Ryan and Shaun for the transport to and from the start/finish without your very generous help we would not even have made the start.Mark at Pedalsport for putting us a box of spares together, thankfully we only had two punctures between seven of us. We did have a snapped frame which came as a shock but fixed by myself with a bit of improvisation(see pics).

Many thanks to Phil for being not only our support driver but for sourcing various items for us like socks, superglue and painkillers. For checking us in at our overnight and taking care of our bags.

Special thanks goes to Kate who's flapjack,energy bars and trail mix all went down well with every one and sustained us between our RV points.Thanks to Sam for assisting me in the chore of testing all these yummy bars etc!

To Sam many thanks also for all his help setting up this blog, facebook, twitter and all things media related.

Our Team Triangle shirts were sponsored and provided by Jim and Martin at Custom Telecom, cheers guys.

Most of all to all the riders of Team Triangle, thanks to you all for making it such a memorable trip! Not a crossed word despite the terrain and conditions. Quality banter all the way, I look forward to next year?

Last but by no means least to Victoria for all her support throughout the build up.xx

Up to present we have raised £700 approximately for Overgate Hospice which is great, thanks so much to those who have donated, our Justgiving page will remain open until 30th June.To Stephen and the guys down south you can forward any monies to me you may have collected.

Cheers for all the kind feedback guys see you 2014!!


Triangle Coast To Coast Pictures

Our coast to coast MTB adventure following the Tim Woodcock route was incredible, and a whole lot of fun.  Would we recommend it to anyone else?  Oh, absolutely...

Here's a link to the album where our photos are, feel free to check them out and leave a comment on the blog!



For those that have done this sort of event - like me - then you will not need any further details that those contained in the title above.  A message for Sam - have you managed to get the pictures etc co-ordinated so a DVD can be prepared - anyway well done everyone and a special thanks to Vic for the food on Saturday night and to Geoff for amazing planning and navigation. Cheers Symmsie

Calm Before The Storm

Well this is the day before we're due for the off, and everyone is looking forward to it.  We've put in some great training and even though some of us are being held together by bandages and more, we'll all hopefully make it to the start line.

210 miles in 4 days is no mean feat and we're keen to get stuck in and see what we're all made of.  It's going to be tough, but we're well supplied and fighting fit.  Just pray the weather holds out!

We will try to make some tweets en route, so check out the feed on the right to see how we're doing.  There's still time to sponsor us if you can at justgiving.com/teamtriangle by the way!

Cue the rocky montage...

Mid May MTB Training Update

It's been a busy few weeks for the northern contingent of Team Triangle.  We've been on some good rides taking in some big hills, and getting some solid miles in on the spinning bike too.  Below is the photo of us looking the part in our team shirts, and this will go in the local paper along with an article about why we're doing the Tim Woodcock route coast to coast MTB challenge.

So here's a quick run-down of our activity.  Not all of these are team rides, but are well worth a mention for individual merit.

12 May

Geoff took on the Colne Valley MTB challenge and improved his time by a massive 35 minutes.  Major respect for doing so well, and showing the hills who's boss.

13 May

A typical monday night ride where we didn't get very far thanks to punctures.  Really testing the patience now.  Norland looked nice in the good weather anyway.

15 May

Another one of Geoff's rides with a decent group of blokes.  Apparently a new route for the map man, and this one was highly recommended.  Look at the hills!  Great effort.

17 May

A great loop round the valleys taking in some strong climbs and nice descents.  This was a good tester because we climbed a lot at the start and felt good all the way.  A cheeky flapjack stop to test the new vintage was definitely a bonus.

20 May

Monday night fever again.  Geoff took a solo spin over Norland while Sam kicked ass on the spinning bike.

21 May

A fantastic team ride that saw us climb up to the tops and keep a good pace all the way through.  This is a solid loop, and was finished off by a blast up the infamous 'hike a bike to Norland' route.  We got up that quickly enough, but red-lined the heart rates.  A quick about face to Copley Woods was prematurely halted by a double pinch puncture on Sam's bike.  Hike a bike to Woodhouse Lane then.

Nearly there.

Well I have had another disrupted training two weeks.  Missed 10 days but was back at it on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  A day off today and then a ride tomorrow and then over the Purbecks on Thursday and then a wee scoot out Saturday and I think that will be it for me until we start next Wednesday.  I have spoken to Geoff recently and the drive to St Bees is longer than expected so I think we are expecting a 4am start to be at the start for a 8am cycle off.  I have had some issues with my new bike with gears jumping about and them rubbish Avid brakes playing up but all things being equal I think the problems are now rectified.  All I have to do now is make sure that my body doesn't break.  It is being held together with ointments and all sorts but fingers crossed all will hold together.  On a different not I bought a Cateye stealth which has GPS and was supposed to be EASY to use.  I got it all set up which was very easy I did a ride and all was recorded, but could I get it to dump on the laptop, even after dowloading althought the Cateye software.  Took it back to the shop who also failed to get it to work, so they gave me another and same problem.  It's very annoying as none of my rides have been recorded for prosperity, although if I lack fitness then I have a good excuse of not having done neough work. 

I went out with Kev and Andy on Saturday, now they maybe very fit but bike skills equals nil point as they say on eurovision.  Andy managed to fall off twice going up a hill if you can believe that, Kev did likewise and then having negotiated a rather messy peaty puddle got so excited that he stopped did the basic error of not removing ones feet from ones peddles and fell onto of Andy.  Standler and Waldorf.  Kev also thought it would be good to wear some rather lovely brilliant white shorts and top.  Suffice to stay they did not stay that way.  Andy has bought some nice baggies, much to the disgust of Kev, although having looked at them I think you could probably fit Kev and Andy in them together.  Kev has resisted the purchase of baggies so have a think about how we can deal with that.

See you all soon.


Solo North Yorks Moors Recce

Up and out early for a solo spin up around Bransdale and the village of Cockayne, perfect training for Team Triangles C2C. Once up on the moors this was a completely new route, following Beadlam Rigg climbing up to Cockayne.